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When you Need a Business Lawyer…

If you or your business have become involved in a dispute, contact attorney Debra Grimaila, Esq. at (844) 921-1937. She will work with you to create a cost effective plan to efficiently resolve your situation. But if the matter has progressed beyond that stage, she is a skilled courtroom litigator who will mount an aggressive prosecution or defense on your behalf.

Orange County Business Lawyer, Debra Grimaila helps you and your business AVOID problems. By having attorney Grimaila review and revise your core documents such as sales contracts, invoices, employment contracts, 1099-contractor agreements, non-compete agreements, trade secret agreements, and the other paperwork your business uses in its daily activities, she can help you prevent lawsuits.

When you Need a Real Estate Lawyer…

Real estate in Orange County is some of the most EXPENSIVE on the planet. Real Estate transactions can go wrong in so many ways. When that happens you need an experienced real estate attorney on your side. Debra Grimaila, Esq. is BOTH a skilled Real Estate Attorney and a Licensed Real Estate Broker! With this unique background, attorney Grimaila is able to assist her real estate clients resolve real estate disputes both in and out of the courtroom. MORE about WHY You Need a Real Estate Lawyer.

Better Lawyer = Better Results

Orange County Real Estate Lawyer Debra Grimaila has 32 Years of Experience

Attorney Grimaila knows that complicated Real Estate disputes are typically won long before the trial date. If you are involved in a real estate lawsuit, call Ms. Grimaila. She will assist you to develop creative strategies to obtain your goals in an economic manner.

2 in 1 Specialist: Real Estate Lawyer —and— Licensed Real Estate Broker

With experience in both real estate law and as a real estate broker, attorney Debra Grimaila has helped many clients that, through no fault of their own, become involved in deals that escalate into a contentious situation. This is not unusual when people invest their hopes and dreams in a particular piece of property, only to have those dreams threatened by unforeseen circumstances. For thirty-two years, attorney Debra Grimaila has worked proactively to prevent such conflicts from escalating into protracted battles where neither side wins. She will review the specifics of your case, and will work diligently to bring the matter to a favorable outcome.

When You Need a Debt Collection Attorney…

Debra Grimaila, Esq. is an expert at debt collection. She has a thirty-two (32) years history of successful collections where the amount in dispute is at least $30,000. If you have an account receivable of $30,000 or more and you’ve finally made the decision to stop “writing off” such accounts as ‘bad debts,’ debt collection attorney, Debra Grimaila, Esq., is the debt collection attorney for you. When you are serious about collecting the money which is owed to you, it’s time to get help from Orange County Commercial Debt Collection Attorney. Debra Grimaila, Esq. is an aggressive debt collection lawyer who will utilize every legal means to collect the money you are owed.
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Collection of Money Judgments

You prevailed in court. You received a judgment. Success! Now it’s time to collect the money owed to you. If you have a judgment of $30,000 or greater, Orange County Debt Collection attorney, Debra Grimaila will collect your money judgment from any available assets.

Awarded High Honors for Debt Collection

Debra Grimaila, Esq. has been awarded the American Jurisprudence Award for Debtor-Creditor Relations in recognition of her expertise in this area of the law.

When You’re Being Sued –or– Need to Sue Someone…

Help… I was Served

If you or your business have been served with a summons (a lawsuit) you have thirty (30) days in which to find an experienced trial lawyer who will file a skillfully crafted response to the Complaint. Please, don’t put it off. Get started immediately! Thirty days go by quickly when so much needs to be done. Your attorney will need time to review the various claims listed in the lawsuit filed against you and/or your business, and your litigation attorney will need to draft a response to each and every claim. (A well drafted legal response might put the plaintiff on the defense sufficient that they might consider a quick settlement). It may also be appropriate for you to file a Cross-Complaint. Finally, you will need to review the documents prepared for you. All this requires time. As a skilled litigation attorney, Debra Grimaila will assist you in devising a strategy that will make a difference in the outcome of your lawsuit. Once served, the clock is running! Call Orange County Litigation attorney Debra Grimaila at (844) 921-1937 and make an appointment to review your lawsuit in detail. If you have been served with a Complaint, please do NOT procrastinate. The Court system grinds on and you must respond appropriately or you may have a default judgment entered against you because you procrastinated. Attorney Grimaila understands that a lawsuit creates stress and anxiety, but by sitting down with a trial lawyer like her, you will feel better and more in control.

Help… I need to File Suit

If, on the other hand, you have been wronged and you feel it is time to sue someone or a business entity, Debra Grimaila, Esq., will advise you if filing a lawsuit is appropriate or if it will make your situation worse. Ms. Grimaila has been representing individuals and business owners in resolving their disputes for over thirty-two (32). She might surprise you with a clever practical or legal tactic to get the outcome you are seeking quickly and affordably without setting foot in a courtroom! When you need a skilled trial lawyer, attorney Grimaila can help you. CALL NOW (844) 921-1937. MORE about Business Litigation & Disputes. Frankly, sometimes it is necessary to be “ALL BUSINESS”. Sometimes you have to decide NO MORE fooling around if you are the receiving party of broken promises, failure to pay, failure to perform, failure to communicate or in some other way being harmed. When this occurs, it may be appropriate to seek your remedy in Court. In such a situation, attorney Grimaila is there to help you. CALL NOW (844) 921-1937.

Filing and serving a lawsuit is often a good business strategy to get someone’s focused attention while also taking the legal steps necessary to protect your rights. Properly using the legal system is a sound business strategy demonstrating your commitment to resolving your legitimate disputes. Interestingly, many people are surprised to learn that ‘filing suit’ will often result in a positive outcome or settlement without anyone ever stepping foot in a courtroom. On the other hand, given a “professional defendant” who is used to taking advantage of others, courtroom litigation is often necessary to protect and enforce your rights.

Every Business Person needs Debra Grimaila, Esq. on Speed Dial

Call (844) 921-1937 to consult with attorney Debra Grimaila, the founder of Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C., about your business litigation, business transaction, real estate litigation, real estate transaction, debt collection, or other legal problem or opportunity.

Orange County Business Lawyer Debra Grimaila has a solid tract record of providing cost-effective legal services to her clients.

Shouldn’t You have Attorney Grimaila on Speed Dial?

For Business Law clients, attorney Debra Grimaila with thirty-two (32) years of litigation and transactional experience, is prepared for most business disputes, opportunities and issues. When an aggressive litigation stance is appropriate, she is no wallflower. However, where settlement is a more productive approach, she will engage in skillful negotiation on your behalf.

For Real Estate Law clients, attorney Debra Grimaila has been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 1989, placing her in a unique position to serve her clients by having access to information not available to other real estate attorneys.

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Call and speak directly with attorney Debra Grimaila now at (844) 921-1937 When you call Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C., you will speak with Ms. Grimaila who will discuss your legal issues and help you evaluate what course of action to take. Our goal is to provide cost effective legal solutions for all of your business and real estate legal needs.

Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C. and its founder Debra Grimaila, Esq. is available to assist individuals and businesses with their business litigation, business transaction, real estate litigation, real estate transaction, debt collection needs in Orange County, California.

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