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Were you aware that the older a delinquent commercial account becomes, the more difficult it is to collect? Statistically speaking, once a delinquent account reaches 90-days you can expect to collect only about $0.75 on the dollar. At 180-days that drops to about $0.50 on the dollar. At nine months of delinquency, the best you can expect to collect is about $0.25 on the dollar.

Commercial Collections – All businesses must be diligent and persistent in their collection of outstanding debt so as to protect their own financial well-being and profitability. When your customers fail to pay their obligations to you in a timely manner, it often causes a snowball effect in that you cannot pay your obligations on time either. If the outstanding debt owed to you is significant or critical, that uncollected debt can be a crippling blow to the hopes, dreams, and aspirations you had for building and growing your business. Frankly, it just isn’t fair.

Attorney Debra Grimaila Esq.

Business owners need to understand that few things are more damaging to the success of your business than not being paid for the goods or services that you have provided and for the hard work you have done for your customers.

Orange County business litigation attorney Debra Grimaila Esq. is skilled at convincing your slow-pay or no-pay clients to consider your firm “the squeaky wheel” that should, in fact, be paid ahead of any other of their payables!

When the collective debt of one or more clients has reached the point where you are looking for help in your collection efforts, chances are your company has already tried several different methods to inspire payment. Hiring a collection firm to threaten “legal action” is not as effective as having a real attorney on your team suggesting an immediate repayment plan—or else.

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Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C. excels in the enforcement of creditors' rights. Debra Grimaila Esq. is aggressive, resourceful, and persistent in providing cost effective legal solutions to your debt collection needs.


Over 35 Years of Success in Collecting Money Owed

Put over thirty-five years of debt collection success to work for you. From demand letters to settlement negotiations, from filing a lawsuit where appropriate to conduct a trial and post-judgment enforcement, Orange County Business Lawyer, P.C. advocates your claim or defense in any collection matter exceeding $50,000.00.

Large claims are our specialty and our extensive experience is reflected in our high rate of success. When your claim involves a breach of contract, collection of a delinquent invoice, payment of a promissory note, fraud, or misrepresentation, Debra Grimaila Esq. is the cost-effective Orange County Business Lawyer for you.

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Highly regarded by the legal community for her technical expertise, Debra Grimaila Esq. is the recipient of the Financial Executives Institute Award and the American Jurisprudence Award for Debtor/Creditor Relations. Debra Grimaila Esq. is also a former mediator and arbitrator for the Orange County Superior Court and is a licensed real estate broker.

Do not wait any longer. As your debt ages, the likelihood of collecting what is owed to you decreases dramatically. It is true: “time is money.” Attorney Grimaila understands this basic truth. We are recognized experts at collecting what is owed you. When that happens, call Orange County Business Lawyer for help now!